Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire

In the circles she lives in, she’s queen of the realm.
Wherever she goes, she must be at the helm.
They call her the Admiral, head of the fleet.
She’ll hear no debate and she’ll bear no defeat.

When she is challenged, she’s ready to fight.
Incadescent with anger, she’ll insist that she’s right.
Once her rage is incited, she could drive you to drink.
Your role is to follow. Her role is to think.

When you rub her together with one of her kind,
they’re bound to express a difference of mind,
and since neither can bear an opposing notion,
it’s bound to lead to explosive emotion.

Rub them together and they’re sure to fight.
Like sulphur on sandpaper, they will ignite.
So keep them apart, these glorious dames,
or one or the other will go up in flames.



Prompts today are in the circle, realm, incadescent, fleet and drink.
Image by Olga Bast on Unsplash.

6 thoughts on “Playing with Fire


    Well if this the way
    that you are feeling today
    I’m staying away.

    If it’s about me
    well now, then just let it be,
    so well done Judy~!



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