Romance is better on the swings
for it’s true Cupid has wings
and if he inspires a kiss,
it’s clear that you don’t want to miss
that moment on your mutual ride
where your lips might coincide,
and on the teeter-totter or slide
it’s harder to go side-by-side.


For the Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Side-by-Side
Image by Brandon Couch on Unsplash.

4 thoughts on “Swingers


    But without constraints here is:


    Ah~!, a hammock may be fancier
    leaving her just as you found her.
    For I am lazy, not much of a dancer
    on vertical swings that may flounder;
    so that just may not be the answer.

    But if my lover should concur
    this is how I would try to please.
    Hang my hammock between two firs
    swinging silently beneath those trees
    for enjoyment, both mine and hers.

    For an acrobatic romancer that agrees
    there is an art to all of this sir,
    balanced, at an angle of 30 degrees
    so you will not accidentally bounce her
    out onto the ground, on her knees~!

    But if by accident she should be thrown
    with you alone swinging from those trees,
    it was better to have done it prone
    after which you can linger there in ease,
    before getting up to go home.

    Sorry about that, I could not stop myself~!



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