Accidental Excuses

Accidental Excuses

Pointing at the calendar, you voice a guttural moan,
regretting a notation for which you must atone.
It’s time to trim the ivy from the window frames and gutters,
but your reluctance to do so, I can tell from your low mutters.

When our decorous window boxes needed a small touch-up,
you erased the reminder and smugly held your crutch up.
Of course I did the job for you, for it would be abuse
not to take a broken leg as adequate excuse.

But now that you have healed, my dear, it clearly is your turn
to cut back the ivy and to trim the Boston fern.
In spite of your pleading eyes and all your manly charm,
you’ll only avoid this chore if you fall and break an arm!

Prompt words today are guttural, calendar, ivy, decorous and point.
Image by Debb D on Unsplash.

14 thoughts on “Accidental Excuses

      1. slmret

        That’s good! I’m now 2/3 of the way through the chemo — and doing well. Minor side effects after each treatment, but only for a few days, then the rest of 3 weeks are good. Everybody is pleased!


          1. slmret

            Help only for 2 nights after surgery last April — since then on my own except for transportation to treatments (because I’m not allowed to drive home afterwards). Energy is very low for first 3-4 days after treatment, then tolerable — but I’m living life in the slow lane. Taking care of myself, but not much extra (no jaunts to the beach, etc.). Am loving your reading list, too! The heat has been almost harder to bear than the treatments, although it’s a little cooler today and for the next few days.


          2. slmret

            Delight of Being Ordinary, Fourteen, and I’m now into Becoming. I also am going to add a couple of Merullo’s others — Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with Buddha (all 3 if they’re good, otherwise just one or two). I’m really enjoying the reading time most afternoons!


            1. lifelessons Post author

              So glad. There is nothing like a good book and having the time to read so much is one positive of what you are going through right now. You would never have chosen it, but you are making the best of it…

              Liked by 1 person

          3. slmret

            I’m working at it — slept most of today, but this is the first of those days I’ve had! Partly due to the weather, and partly to side effects of side effects! I’ll be better tomorrow!



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