Member of the Pack

Member of the Pack

It’s a pretense that I’m lonely, for as I look back
I do not miss existing in the raffish pack.
I do not miss the barrooms or parties tightly wedged
between the other partiers—those memories I’ve dredged
from a corner of my mind where they are a reminder
that once my world was fuller if not exactly kinder.

We were all examining the people we could be.
Trying on our different selves to see what we could see
in the mirror of our cohorts’ eyes and how they treated us,
riding in the joy car ’til we jumped down from the bus
to thumb a ride to try to find a different part to live in—
a part where all the rest of us wouldn’t have to give in.

All the various sides of us have their own times and spaces
that are all a part of how life puts us through our paces.
And now in maturity, I hope that we’ve all found

that comfortable part of us for which we all were bound.
And that’s why I’m not lonely as I wander back
in memory to when I was a member of the pack!



Prompts today are pretense, lonely, reminder, raffish and pack.

3 thoughts on “Member of the Pack


    AMEN~! Every word of your post means something to me FRIEND; and very well said too.

    Some “friends and family” keep in touch by sending a Christmas card once a year and it is a nice way of “keeping in touch” with mutual friends and family of long ago. Others only stay in touch by re posting Trump messages, or of photos of food at they favorite eating place, then they no longer become “friends” when I do not respond, or ask them nicely to stop.

    Friendship is a fleeting relationship, and as you said, we move on with our lives. I can count “True Deep Friends” on one hand~! They are the ones who call you up and invite you over to dinner or a movie where camaraderie and common interest is the main impetus . They are the ones who offer help or advice when needed, drop by for coffee or a glass of wine, and call when they are in town…etc.

    Now I have many more “online friends”~! They are people who have parallel likes, and are interesting to communicate with, and we actually “hit it off” with mutual communication. These mostly are “friends” that I have never met in person, and possibly never will; but I hold them very dear as well~! These friends are not many in number either, because I feel that just saying “you are my friend” to increase a number of my correspondents has a negative affect for me…. I would rather have a few VERY GOOD corresponding “friends” that I can enjoy “talking to” than a thousand that I most likely will not even remember what they have said, unless it really registers. (guess I may be construed as having a stickup attitude, but “this is who I am”)

    One last word; one that I write about often, is the sadness that comes when we loose a “best friend” through a misunderstanding or by death and this is when we value them the most, so often too late~!

    A longer expression of this and tells more on the subject is:

    A short one, but coming more to the point:


  2. lifelessons Post author

    It’s not that we leave friends behind. It’s just that we leave behind us the worlds we knew them in that they are attached to. That’s why we can see old friend we haven’t seen for decades and start right up where we left off.



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