Wasted Youth

Dressed up by my sister in her clothes, just for fun. For sure, not my usual fare!

Wasted Youth

It is too late to try to tone
my skin and muscle, fat and bone.
When I walk, they sway and jiggle,
protest at my every wriggle.
Arm and neck and waist and thigh
are not as bad as I imply.

Nonetheless, I do not dare
attempt bikinis or clothes that bare
great expanses of leg and skin.
I will not brave it, the shape I’m in.
Oh to relive days back when
I was taut and smooth and thin.

And could convince my young self that
I was neither plain nor fat.
If I had known, I now confess,
I would have concealed me less.
Shown more skin, gone a size smaller,
pulled back my shoulders, stood up taller.

That youth is wasted on the young
way back then were words unsung

and so I wasted all those years
peering into bathroom mirrors,
wanting to be better because,
as I look back, I see I was!

Prompt words today are question, bone, jiggle, imply and brave.

22 thoughts on “Wasted Youth

  1. Linda Crosfield

    Oh, ain’t that the truth! The other day, conversing with a friend, I mentioned how I always thought I never got my figure back after I had my son because I got down to 134lbs but couldn’t get back to 128. My friend, who has cancer, said, “I can’t get up to 128…”


    Miss you.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Oh Linda, that is so so true. I am so grateful just to have my health. Miss you, too. I had thought perhaps it would be safe to go back to La Manz this year but thinking perhaps not.



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