What has been severed can be reconnected.
Stitches can stitch up what has been dissected.
Humans are fallible. All make mistakes.
Thus we are given a chance at retakes.

When we strictly label an act as “The End,”
we only signal our refusal to bend.
When a solution’s offered and we refuse it,
we’ve been offered a chance and chosen to lose it.

We’ve denied a lesson and chosen defection
in lieu of a chance to learn reconnection.
Consider the paperclip—invention most clever
that helps to rejoin what we once chose to sever.

Granted, some things may be better off parted,
but things we think ended can still be restarted.

Some things are clearly better off righted,
and after small partings should be reunited.

Prompt words today are paperclip, fallible, strictly, sever and lesson.

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