Masked Truth

Masked Truth

In every other species, there are rules taken as law.
No mouse chances facing the cat’s cruel stalking paw.
Pandemonium would result if honeybees ceased to sting.
Protection is made use of by every natural thing.
Why then this garrulous argument and strutting satisfaction
displayed by anti-vaxxers and others in that faction
electrified by ignorance—Fox News misinformation.
How far it’s come in dumbing down a portion of our nation.

How can they be terrified of measures meant to save?
What is it about simple masks that causes them to rave?
Why do they rail against science and label it as treason?
Like lemmings streaming to their death, they do it against reason.
Those natural solutions that nature seeks to give
so every single species has recourse to live
includes the many wonders of the human brain
to isolate the enemies of our human strain

and provide protection—the body’s tooth and claw—
vaccines and medicines to deflect the viral maw.
So why this mounting violence with which our world is riven
against the chance to save mankind that we have all been given?
What God gives with one hand and withdraws with the other?
What Father creates children that he’s content to smother?
What animal strolls defenseless amongst this human zoo
and demands that others forsake protection, too?

What human stupid genome has Science failed to detect
that is blind to these precautions simply made to protect?
Those who revile the masked ones and refuse the simple truth,
picketing and threatening with epithets uncouth
perhaps are the next faction meant to become extinct,
drawing with them all of those unfortunately linked.
Our hospitals will fill with them, protesting all the way,
as all of those who care for them are also made to pay.


There comes a time, when a good man must wear a mask.  Johnny Depp

A mask tells us more than a face.  Oscar Wilde

Make sure you have your own mask on, before helping others with theirs. Daniel Handler


Prompt words are pandemonium, electrifying, terrified, garrulous and satisfaction.

10 thoughts on “Masked Truth

  1. Mama Cormier

    Well said Judy. I just shake my head in disbelief and wonder how these parents will feel when one of their own children end up in hospital with COVID. They would rather believe some conspiracy theory than the science and doctors who deal with this daily.



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