Words and the Man


Words and the Man

The words lie pinned upon the sheet, mistress to his demands,
only brought into the light by his complicit hands.

They may want to wage battle or to stray off and meander,
but they have given power away to a new commander.

The glut of letters marches straight across the written page,
tip-toeing or stomping off in a pent-up rage.
They are but the eggs of thought contained within the shell,
but he knows how to scramble them. He’s learned the method well.

Words may portend the future or they may reflect the past.
He may hide them deep in steerage or fly them from the mast.
And whether it’s a novel, a poem or a song,
With words he weaves a cable to tow us all along.


Prompt words are mistress, glut, egg, portend and cable.

10 thoughts on “Words and the Man

          1. Sadje

            I can understand. I used to do it too but found that it was a bit stressful waiting for all the prompts and then writing. I write most of my posts the previous day.


            1. lifelessons Post author

              One prompt is always a lot later than the other three and the fifth is so late that I just always use the prompt from the day before so it is always available even by the midnight switchover.

              Liked by 1 person

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