Walking on Flowers: For Flower of the Day, Aug 22, 2021

I couldn’t resist sharing these favorite flowers for FOTD. My friend was aghast when I photographed this cinema carpet and stated that I’d gladly use it to carpet a room in my house if I had a different house and could decorate the room to go with it!  What do you think? 

For Cee’s FOTD

22 thoughts on “Walking on Flowers: For Flower of the Day, Aug 22, 2021


    In a way it reminds me of the Mola Art from the San Blas Islands of Panama, except they do theirs by Appliqué and small stitching~! (beautiful~!) ,,,,Oh I forgot that I am no longer allowed to talk about ME anymore, or you will marry another~! doggonit~!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      You weren’t talking about you, you were talking about Molas, which I love and have a pile of. Damn, I have a pile of everything on earth!!! Except Trump posters and campaign pins.


  2. Glenda M Roman

    smART! That’s some-art! Makes me wanna dance and prance and take a chance on spontaneous romance at a glance. (In other words, forget my tedious, staid, analytical, tasteful, and overly civilized self. (But just in one private room.)

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