The Refusal

The Refusal

Though you seek to amuse me, instead I’m aghast
when you stir up these tales from your vagabond past—
how you set out with no education
upon a path with no destination.

When you tell what you did when down on your luck
what you’d do for a dime or a quarter or buck—

I don’t want involvement with one of your kind—
one who’ll do anything, caught in a bind.

How can you think that your tales of abusing,
of wooing, beguiling and loving and using
could be aphrodisiac is hard to see.
They only insure your next victim’s not me.

So I’ll say ta-ta, au revoir and so long.
I won’t be a lyric in any sad song,
and when I dress up in wedding apparel,
I’ll make sure my groom is a good deal less feral.


Prompt words are aghast, amuse, destination, involve and quarter. Illustration by Uyen Nguyen on Unsplash.

16 thoughts on “The Refusal


    Oh that slap was so unkind,
    I really did not think that you would mind.
    my just telling you tall tales
    to stop all your whales
    which were really more sad than mine.

    So if that is the way you must be
    maybe you were just not meant for me
    I’ll find another one
    who is not on the run
    and believes all the things they don’t see~!



      I really do like your poem though, Got my blood going on from slow recreation, so now back to improving my education, before moving to another location~! Actually it is all a lot of BS information~!

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      1. isaiah46ministries

        I start classes this week. I am excited but also wonder if I have lost my mind! I am dealing with a pinched nerve in my lower back and pain down my right leg. It is as though my body is fighting against me, but I know that it is just getting older. I am going to college, despite the pain. Life is too short to let opportunities for enrichment to slip away. So glad you are home safe. I hope to start back to blogging, but after that last bout of bronchitis, I just can’t find the passion. Yet, I keep my blog open and even started a new one that I need to design. Hope springs eternal! Thanks for asking?


        1. lifelessons Post author

          Good for you. Can’t stop so long as there is something that intrigues us and sitting and doing nothing is the fastest way to lose that intrigue. But, take care.


  2. Glenda M Roman

    Whoa. My personal cautionary fable. I have dodged those self-promoting bullets. I do believe you’ve met them? I call them “oblivoids,” (an attempt to be kind from the far distance. They bite, you know?) So now I not only survive, but thrive, thanks to a little help from my friend, yet again. I believe you know her quite well. Thanks, Judy. The ripple effect spreads. XOGlen


      1. Glenda Roman

        You are getting pretty much all the words I have right now. We will be home some time late September, after a short stayover in Puerto Vallarta. When is your retreat? Stay well and productive. In other words, just be your best self. xo

        On Tue, Aug 24, 2021 at 12:26 PM lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown wrote:

        > lifelessons commented: “Thanks, Glen. So happy to know you are still > reading my words, if from afar. Wish I was reading some of yours…” >



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