The Human Race

The Human Race

Our world keeps tripping over its own tangled shoelaces,
one generation tying them up, the next heedlessly
rushing ahead in wondrous greed until it trips, falls,
and stops again to tighten its laces.

Today goes for the throat of yesterday,
bemoaning its tardiness
in choking off the past

while rushing ahead in a blind race.

In a constant state of pregnancy,
one generation gives birth to the next,
standing and tripping and falling in turn
like an automaton marching ahead to its own destruction.

Prompt words are throat, tangled shoelaces, wondrous, tardy and pregnancy.

11 thoughts on “The Human Race


    Wow Judy you awoke this morning in top form, not only a great rhyme but you have given Aristotle a run for being top philosopher of where we are today. I really like this one, put it into my keeper file ~! Wish I had said that~! Send that one to Ojo, more people need to think about it. Now if you will excuse me, I must go back and read it again~!


  2. lifelessons Post author

    Depressingly true. But so much beauty and plenty to be grateful for, as well. Will Durant says that in time of war and plague and natural disasters, it is up to us living on the riverbanks to tend our flocks and raise our crops and maintain civilization. That is what it feels like to me right now.



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