One who lives in isolation is only half alive.
We must generate a union if we’re going to survive.
Though it is true the fanciful may take this to extremes
and gallivant to excess, nonetheless it surely seems
that excellence in socializing might extend one’s life,
for nothing gets us through in a time of pain and strife
like family and friends. Perhaps one reason for our being
includes being seen as much as in our seeing.

Prompt words are fanciful, generate, excellence, gallivant and union.

10 thoughts on “Network


    Oh that hurts, but I have a LOT of friends, maybe not in the thousands, because I try to keep them close enough, where they each of them know who I am and why I am their friend.. Let me explain, if it is worth it to you~!

    Ask any person who has a hearing problem and they will quickly tell you that they get very “up tight” and upset in large groups, not feeling that they can take part ~! You see so many wanting to talk at once causes a “din of noise” (the clang of dishes in a restaurant does the same thing) and none of it can be understood by a person of limited hearing. I have been so many times embarrassed when I “make a statement” in a group that was completely out of context and not part of the conversation~! So a small get together is my favorite option for that reason~! But because I do love to talk, I have posted a (longer) answer on “QUICK HENRY THE FLIT” an expression which I found worked great last night to finally get rid of a house guest that was just too noisy to stay, so I could get some sleep~! PS: being an old fart I remember that great expression from Standard Oil and the early work of Dr. Seuss~! Google that expression, but please do not throw rocks, just understand that this is the way it was back then, that we, and the good Dr saw life back in the 30’s and 40’s, big business and the War Effort thought he was great even before kids discovered him.~
    Back then he earned his living drawing for advertisements and we all loved it !


  2. Mason Bushell

    I feel this one so deeply. I have existed in isolation for way longer than the virus. The passing of the invisible nightmare has made little changes to my miniscule life. Showing that I don’t truely live at all. Great poem.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I don’t think it’s true that we don’t truly live at all in isolation, and I really enjoy alone time. I just feel that I need a balance. I can see that you have an active social life responding to blogs and maintaining yours. The internet has expanded our methods of socialization. But perhaps it would be nice to venture out a bit as well?

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  3. judyreeveswriter

    Oh how I miss my community! Thanks for this poem, Judy. Well said. And the photo of all of us from our last time together really made me nostalgic. Sigh.

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