Only Child

Only Child

She wants to trade her parents for contemporary versions.
She cannot stand their constant recital of aversions.
When it comes to expectations, their rule list never ends.
They derogate her clothes choice and her makeup and her friends.

When she wants to go on overnights, they won’t give their consent.
They never understand her or hear what she really meant.
Her dating makes them nervous. They wait up ’til she gets in,
then interrogate her as to what she’s done and where she’s been.

When it comes to parents, she got the rawest deal.
The schism that’s between them it seems will never heal.
Would she had an older sister who was ill-behaved and wild
to detract attention from this wretched only-child!

Prompt words today are nervous, consent, schism, derogate and trade.

15 thoughts on “Only Child


    Oh once again, so well done, on the ways of today compared to what our life was like… I actually did fine, but my mother was very strict on “the girls” Oh I got many a switching, mostly (after church) for squirming and not sitting up straight in that hard uncomfortable pew while HE droned on for what seemed like hours, about the “wages of SIN are death”. Did you know that a switch from a plum tree has little thorns on it~? ; and today would put a parent into jail for endangering a child~? But what hurt most was her whispering through her teeth “you are going to get when we get home”, then spending the rest of the service and the hour of their visiting outside the church, talking about how good the sermon was, all the time my hoping she would forget..

    But again it was much, much worse for my little sister, nine years younger than me, long after I left home for school and the rest of my life..while she became “an only child”~! She was then the only child to a mother who had a lot of practice while she became the target~! I loved my mother with all my heart, but she got the church mixed up with home often with church becoming omnipresent~! I always feel so sad knowing how different my poor little sister’s life was to mine, when I had three siblings growing to help spread the attention. Yes you again hit the target~! And once more we are on the same frequency, now do you believe in the mental telepathy thing~?

    Today is my next older sisters birthday who died early this year and here is what I wrote:





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