Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary Action

Lately, my life is like a fresh peach
at the end of a limb, slightly out of reach.
With an air of foreboding, I reach out to pluck it,
then choose not to pick or bite into or suck it,
fearing fate’s censure if I choose to buck it.

The joy of communion seems lately to dissipate.
Events come and go but I do not participate.
Whereas once I said, “Yes,” now I always say “No.”
The presence of friends is a joy I forego,
for there seem to be dangers wherever I go,

Bamboozled by nature, what choice do we have?
This seems like a wound for which there’s no salve.
Each of us suffers, apart and alone
as if there are sins for which we must atone,
our closest communion carried out via phone.

We sit at our windows viewing the parade
of all of the glories that nature has made.
We Skype and we Facebook, we tweet and we Zoom,
feigning good cheer as we contemplate doom,
all of us children sent to our room.

Will there be an end to this long isolation?
If we mend our ways, will there be consolation?
If we clean up our oceans and clean up our sky,
can we address our sins , having figured out  why
mankind has  been chosen to sicken and die?

Prompts for the day are foreboding, bamboozle, peach, dissipate and presence.

12 thoughts on “Disciplinary Action

  1. isaiah46ministries

    I know how you feel, Judy. I am back in college, and, at nearly 70, I feel like a dinosaur, as the young people insist on calling me MIss Regina and my professors call me Dr. Regina. They are all so young! But, there are other older students in one or two of my classes, and I try to remember not to speak too much and seem as if I know it all. In this way, I am learning so much and loving it. But, I underestimated how tired I would get by the end of the week. Age does matter, but I feel energized as well, to be learning again and being tested. But, I had to do something to get me out of the house and away from my thoughts of death with this Covid pandemic, and having to do homework is a great rememdy! It’s so easy to think that because you have lived so long, there is no more to learn!

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I think I’ve told you about the lady with 9 children who was in my Freshman class in college. When she sent her last child to college, she went with him, completed her degree and became a graduate assistant and I think got her masters degree and ended up teaching at the college I graduated from. Admirable. I believe she was 60 when she entered.

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  2. lindakempwriter

    Well done Judy. This is great. My twin boys have received disciplinary action from their school this week. Their behaviour no doubt exacerbated by the boredom of online learning, decreased social interaction and sport participation. What they did was wrong, and they’ve also received some hefty consequences here at home, and while I’m not making excuses, I just wonder if they’d been physically AT school for the past two years (they began at this secondary school the same year the pandemic hit), would things look different now?



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