Wrong Decision: Sunday Whirl’s Wordle #518

Wrong Decision

Candlelight feigned the light of the day
and wheels crunched the gravel as he drove away.
I knelt down on the carpet and let my tears fall,

then rose to my feet and walked to the hall.

Too late for touching, I opened the door,
surprised at the flowers placed there on the floor.
Recriminations were all I expected,
but as I opened the card and inspected

the words that he’d written, they opened my heart
and I wished that I hadn’t let him depart.
Instead of surrendering to my misgiving
that he would be angry instead of forgiving,

that I’d opened the door and invited him in.
If I had, now I wonder what might have been?
I might have been living to this very day
with the love of my life that I sent away.


This week’s prompts for Wordle are: land, carpets, line, down, kneeling, tears, flowers, late,
wheels, touching, living and candlelight.

5 thoughts on “Wrong Decision: Sunday Whirl’s Wordle #518

  1. Anonymous

    Beautiful Judy~! I am continuously impressed with what your fertile mind produces. In looking at the prompt words I would not have come up with anything near what you put together… Great rare talent~!



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