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Little Nightmares: For The Sunday Whirl 579

Little Nightmares

Dreams spin and whirl and crack and spark,
little fireworks in the dark
that bring to light flashes that last,
glimpses of a far-off past
that grip our memory, strain its seams,
to creep back in and stain our dreams.
They loom above us every night,
waiting for the end of light.

Lords of dark, nightmares of wonder,
wait their turn to clutch and plunder.
Minds gone slack in slumber’s whirl,
they enter in to clutch and curl,
smothering pleasant thoughts of day,
inviting past regrets to play
through our minds, to live anew
little foibles seen in review.

For the Sunday Whirl Wordle 579 prompt words today are: spin, creep, loom, whirl, crack, light, grip, stain, curl, glimpse, slack, lord, wonder

The Nature of True Friendship: Wordle 577 for The Sunday Whirl

The Nature of True Friendship

Guard yourself from thoughtless friends
with egos based on their own ends
who won’t forgive your need to grow
in areas where they won’t go.

The pot calling the kettle black,
they say that loyalty you lack,
not trusting that new paths you find
do not mean you’ll leave them behind.

That willow’s breath of inspiration
brought to us by education
shifts our focus here and there,
like a hound who sniffs the air

and desiring game of a new kind,
forsakes old spoor to track the hind.
But, given time to track and roam,
returns back to his hearth and home.


Prompt words for The Sunday Whirl this week are: yourself guard trust pot thought kind  ego focus end forgive. Image by Jessica Anderson on Unsplash.

The Elopement: Wordle 571 for The Sunday Whirl, Sept 25, 2022


The sky liquid amber and the hills mushroom brown,
we sail on love’s vapors right over the town.
Once we felt dirty, but now we feel free,
released from the rules learned at the knee
of parents who left us with nothing but scars
of guilt over kisses in back seats of cars.

We vow to forget all we’ve heard of their lies
as we flee solid earth to escape through the skies.
What was once key we admit has no power
as passion bursts out to bud and then flower.
Those flickers of guilt we shed as we fly,
leaving mere earth to soar up to the sky.

For The Sunday Whirl Wordle 571 the prompts are: mushrooms key liquid admit dirty felt flicks hear  amber solid  Image: Marc Chagall’s “Over the Town.”

Lalibela: For Sunday Whirl’s Wordle 568


I kiss the map where memories lie in the vast stillness of the past.
Your broad laugh silenced so long ago that no remnants of it last.
What I had felt and hoped to see mirrored on your joyful face
was demonstrated as you drew me into our first long embrace.

Sparrows swoop those ancient halls where we loved and laughed and talked,
but only whispers of our love echo the chambers where we walked.
That holy place where we first kissed—the ancient pulpit that we found
buried deep within the earth—religious zeal gone underground.

Corridors carved from living stone that could not check the carver’s zeal
foretold my resolution to resist denying what I feel
so many long years afterwards, when lacking sense and reason,
I remember those short months when love bloomed out of season.


Prompt words for Sunday Whirl’s Wordle 568 are: sparrows vast stillness hope face silent check pulpit lack whisper kiss map


Gossip Girls

Gossip Girls

Those mean girl rumors may seem unrelenting,
but trust me their spreaders will soon be repenting.
Only fools spread secrets they know are untrue,
spreading rumors whose sharing for sure they will rue.
Their bony butts should be soundly spanked.
Their cheeks should be pinched and their hair should be yanked

for crossing the line between rumor and truth,
for the lies that they’ve spread are completely uncouth.
Give them no haven and give them no ear.
Mouths work no mischief when there’s no one to hear.
Do not contribute to mere hearsay that’s
better off kept in their heads under hats.

They may seem exotic, but don’t seek them out,
or chances are that the next gossip they flout
might be about you, for although you’re tempted
to listen to them, no one is exempted
from being the next victim of a forked tongue,
so your story might be the next sad song sung.

For the Sunday Whirl, Wordle 566 the prompt words are: fool unrelenting cross bony secrets haven chance exotic  seek mean rumors

Midnight Communion

Midnight Communion

Grass dampened by the night air sprouts beneath me as I lie
here beneath the swirling stars that spark an empty sky.
The moon sketches my shadow against the garden wall,
temporary art that holds me in its thrall.
Caught up in the orbit of a world that must astound me,
I am sister to a universe that’s breathing all around me.


For the Sunday Whirl Wordle 565. the words are: damp stars sparks swirl sisters breathe empty sprouting shadows sketch orbit art. Image by Josh Miller @Unsplash.

Animal Nature: Sunday Whirl Wordle 563

Animal Nature

The spirit of a hollow moon slides sideways under cover
through a crack in heavy clouds that spread apart to hover.
An owl soars by on silent wings to seek his midnight feast,
the power of moonlit talons unleashed on tiny beast.
Another sacred life is sacrificed for hunger’s sake.
It’s all in nature’s plan, and yet I feel the mouse’s ache.



For the Sunday Whirl Wordle 563 the words are: crack sideways covers feast ache power hollow spirits sacred owl lit heavy. Photos by jdb. Mosaic by Mazinka Rutherford, La Manzanilla, Mexico.



Moonlight Reflection: Wordle 562


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Moonlight Reflection

The radiant moon invites me to meander to the pool.
To miss its cloud-scrimmed drama would reveal me as a fool.
Its flickering light reflected in the pool’s steaming glass,
I part its even surface asunder as I pass.

Clothed in liquid light, I walk a smooth straight line,
reflectively immersed in this world that is all mine.
I have no other idol except this ghost of moon.
I feel that I could taste it if I only had a spoon.

Its taste would be ambrosial upon my earthly tongue—
the first to taste a lunar menu formerly unsung.
I bundle up my prayers and toss them overhead,
leaving all my worries unthought of and unsaid.

The stone steps lead me up again from its steaming mass
and I shed off moonlight around me as I pass.
I take its memory with me as I return to bed,
the splendor of the moonlight forever in my head. 

Today’s prompt words are: reflective radiant immersed meander idol  line taste drama ghost  flickering stone. The photos I took two weeks ago before leaving my house to travel to the states for my school reunion. A glorious scene. One of the shots is the moon and trees reflected in the surface of my  pool that is fed by  hot mineral springs that pass through the  magma layer fed by the Colima Volcano, 80 miles away. I swim in it almost nightly.


For the Sunday Whirl Wordle 562


Solstice Memory–For Wordle 557

Solstice Memory

One dark starless Solstice night
devoid of stars or moon or light,
cross my heart and hope to die,

I saw a blackbird flying high
with wings of flame that fanned the air
and rode the wind to spark the hair
of a woman, meek and mild
who stood beneath holding a child
who seemed to search the sky as though
it held a creed for those below.
It passed two times and then the bird
spiraled higher, but not a word
escaped the lips of those beneath,
pinned  below to earth and heath.
The flames that fell sparked out and died.
The mother took the child inside
and combed the ashes from their hair,
and though that night was splendid rare,
was the fire gleaned from Heaven or Hell?
So mother told me not to tell
about that night the sky was lit
and nothing more was said of it.

For Wordle 557 the prompt words are: blackbird flame wind time cross me woman meek seem creed search earth  Image by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

Human History

Human History

Our thirst for sharing stories is natural as breath.
It comes to us with our first words and only leaves with death.
That space that holds the stars apart is present in our hearts
and that is where our need to share our stories really starts.
Those common roots that bind us, those roads our footsteps share
compel us to reveal what otherwise we would not dare.
Those tales we feign divide us. True ones create a chain
where we are linked together in victory and pain
as we tell our stories that run together to
reveal the whole history of the human zoo.


Prompt words today are: thirst roots feign roads chain share stories run breath stars apart first for Wordle 556, The Sunday Whirl
All photos except for the photo of Prairie Moths were downloaded from Unsplash.