Cold Snap

Cold Snap

When Autumn winds its avant course and takes its paint box out,
Winter with its probity pursues another route.
Freezing all connections between the leaves and limbs,
it snaps off all Fall’s paintings crisply at the stems.

It is as though the bourgeoisie has seized the reins at last
and expunged the riffraff artist with a single blast.
If Autumn’s the iconoclast, Winter must seal the norm
by covering its statements with a winter storm.

When Spring speaks out its message through the meadow lark,
stodgy frigid Winter ceases making its mark.
Then after Summer pales Spring’s green and dries the colors out,
it is the turn of Autumn to throw pigment about.

Season after season, the colors build and fade,
every new stage cancelling progress the last one made,
then building up its opposite thinking it might win,
not seeing life’s a painting that all of them are in.


Prompt words for today are autumn, course, bourgeoisie, probity and speaker.

13 thoughts on “Cold Snap

      1. slmret

        We had a little storm like that about 10 days ago — lots of lightning, and a strike about a mile from here — got a house! The thunder was so immediate and so loud that I wondered if it hit a chimney in our development! But we get about a tenth of an inch in a heavy storm like that — it rained for about 5 minutes!


  1. KL Caley

    Every new stage cancelling progress the last one made is such a great line. I feel like it could apply to politics too. Great post and clever use of all the prompt words. KL ❤️


          1. KL Caley

            Oh I did it from my phone. I know the heart is an < 3 (without the space), as I use that on the pc but I'm not sure of the others. If you write in word first you can download the emoji font, I think it's called segui or something like that, which does upload to WordPress. KL ❤️

            Liked by 2 people

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I had so little time to write this poem today that it sorta wrote itself. Because I’d not been online all day, Forgottenman noticed as I wrote it and was correcting me as I went. I had misspelled rein (reign) and forgotten to capitalize half of the seasons…He kept writing instructions as I wrote it. All in all, a frenetic effort. I think it took all of 15 minutes as I was hurrying to join guests in the hot pool. Just as I finished and got in the pool, there was a huge clap of thunder and lighting struck rather close by and the rain started. We were out of the pool fast, the proving the point of the poem, that nature knows how to rule!!!

      Liked by 1 person


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