Impromptu Shopping Trip



Impromptu Shopping Trip

Drop everything you’re doing and come with me boutique-ing.
They have a drop-dead sparkling gown like the one you’re seeking.
Change your dress and grab your lipstick, mascara and a comb.
Dishes can wait and dust will still be there when you get home.

Luckily the shop  I found isn’t very far.
You can put your makeup on while I drive the car.
Looks can kill, you know, and you’ll be lethal in this gown.
It’s sure to make a smile of any fellow’s frown.

There’ll be no vestige of the housewife when you wear this gown.
Your spouse will want to take you out dancing on the town.
When he sees you in it, his objections will be nil.
Just make sure he sees you first before he sees the bill.



Prompt words for the day are: lethal, boutique, sparkling, vestige and drop. Photograph by Hush Naidoo Jade on Unsplash.

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