Panty Girdles and Merry Widows

Panty Girdles and Merry Widows

It was another day, another time way back when girls wore girdles
in which we sat tightly confined—no jumping over hurdles
or doing other boy things like breathing with great ease—
as waist-cinchers contributed to our daily squeeze.

Our efforts for confinement may seem to you as needless,
but your suggestions way back then would have turned out heedless.
Emphatically, we all believed in our need for constriction.
Our bodies couldn’t just hang out. They called out for restriction.

And what we squeezed and corseted lest parts of us might flop–
those parts down on the bottom and the other parts on top?
Those assets that were hidden in the past by all the rest of us,
today, by the Kardashians, are revealed as the best of us!


Prompts for today are another day, suggest, needless, emphatic and effort.
merry widow, by the way, is what we called the corset pictured above. 

22 thoughts on “Panty Girdles and Merry Widows

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I was so happy when pantyhose were invented, but I think I wore one of those long-legged girdles over mine. I remember twenty years ago when I moved to Mexico, trying to decide whether to pack pantyhose which I don’t think I ever wore again.

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    Yes I remember all of those
    getting rid of what was on top
    with the invention of pantyhose
    while other things just left to flop.

    As every young man knows
    silk hose went out with the war
    and a new way of wearing clothes
    leaving silk undies stuck in the drawer.

    Then some fool came up with this,
    said sewing panties and hose together
    great idea that with ladies, just can’t miss
    keeping things warmer from cold weather.

    Then the ladies may have decided that this
    appertains enclosing mammary, was stopping
    a bounce, jiggle, or shake, so next they did insist
    removing those too, leaving everything just flopping.

    But anyone may notice from looking around
    the jiggle and bounce of the young girls of today
    with that thong then the ladies may have finally found
    another way of doing away with most things in some way.


  2. dennyho

    As soon as I saw your title come across my feed I knew it belonged to you, Judy, mighty slayer of words! I remember seeing a girdle in my mother’s pile of clothes one day and certainly wondering what the hell it was for! Now thankful this fashion garment was left behind! Thanks for the chuckle today.

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  3. bushboy

    It was another day indeed Judy. The days of dancing and wondering what you were feeling under that dress that was not soft. The title did have me wondering about the Merry Widow, thanks for clearing that up but that lead to why call it that? Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      The merry widow was originally introduced in 1953 and it was made by Warners lingerie company, named after the film of the same name–“Merry Widow” staring Lana Turner. Throughout the the 1950s Warners designed various Merry widows and in the US especially, the name Merry Widow is commonly used for this garment.

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  4. Marilyn Armstrong

    My mother never outgrew believing that a girdle was a necessary piece of feminine clothing. I was a terrible disappointment. The only “merry widow” I owned I had to buy because my wedding dress required naked shoulders. LORD that was uncomfortable. The idea of an actual corset makes every part of me hurt.

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