Up in Lights

Up in Lights

She was an excellent waitress at Barney’s Bar and Grill—
cheerful in her service and accomplished at the till.
He saw her as he entered and admired her from afar,
then engaged her with his banter and said she’d be a star.

She aspired to the movies and so she was fair game.
She said that she’d do anything to try to get her name
up there on the billboards above the picture show,
so he taught her how to dress and act and told her where to go.

She was a fervent vessel, ready to be filled—
a pliant mound of clay for him to form and knead and build.
Taking that mere girl that he’d found in Barney’s diner,
he forged her rough exterior into something finer.

He knew just how to mold her—to polish and embellish
to make her into something that Hollywood would relish.
Now her name is on the Marquee for all the world to see,
And he gets ten percent of her top star salary!


Prompt words today are vessel, fervent, grill, forge and movie.
Image by Samuel Regan on Unsplash.

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