Marigolds: FOTD, Nov 8, 2021

Preparing for Dia de Muertos.

For Cee’s FOTD

12 thoughts on “Marigolds: FOTD, Nov 8, 2021

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    Sorry but I never could bring myself to like marigolds or hydrangeas. No real reason but even the aroma of them is a turn off to me… No conscious reason at all, except that my mother had a friend who grew both of them in her yard, and maybe it is an unconscious introspection, so I wish that I could, but I can’t… Isn’t that terrible~?

    PS: My mother had one or two bigoted friends in the name of religion~! (could this be it~???) If it is, it predates my recollection as an infant.



    The place where our graves are in Louisiana have large geese in a little lake nearby.. I can not put real flowers on our graves because within minutes they will be scattered and eaten by the geese and I really hate fake flowers on a grave~!!! ~!@#$%^&*()_ Maybe Marigolds would be the answer~?

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      1. SAM VOELKER

        They would be welcome to the flowers if that was the only problem, but it is the necessary alternative that I do not like and their feast is very destructive to the grave sites. You would have to see this beautiful place under live oak trees, azaleas and camellias being destroyed to understand. I will try to find a photo. This is not wild geese but rather put there to keep the grass down. My mother and our baby son are the only real graves there, and I have a nice marker where I have placed some of Shirley’s ashes (inside the stone flower container), near our baby’s grave. It is too far away to visit as often as I would like. My father’s grave is in a military cemetery not far from this one, both in Pineville Louisiana.

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