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A Photo a Week, Gateways

8 thoughts on “Gateways

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I really love the colors of your world. I have used a lot of those colors in our bedroom, but the riot of wonderful colors surrounding you must help lift you up. Garry used to like to do what he called, “dressing against the weather.” If it was dark and dreary outside, you dressed in your brightest colors. Your world is ALWAYS dressed in those bright colors 😀


  2. Anton Wills-Eve

    Judy I’m up and running, well hobbling, again and will re-start blogging v.soon. Re you post here by an extraordinary coincidence “Gateways” was the name of the first Infants school my sister and I ever went to aged 4 and 5.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      hi Anton. I’ve been wondering about you and went to your blog but nothing had been posted in a long time that I could find. So happy to hear from you. Your comment went to Spam so just found it!!!



    I love gateways and big welcoming doors, but I do not like huge (two story) entries into an overbuilt track house (obviously for show, not welcome) which has no welcome feeling at all and do not ever look used. On your photos I have two thoughts, first is that some days back you asked for a comment on a friendly welcoming path, but today you show that path again with a closed gate, (so that is my comment about the path).

    Now for a positive comment, the most welcoming one of all is the one to your house and garden, it says “come on in, you will be welcome and happy here in our home and garden”

    My inner yard is enclosed by a 200 year old stacked stone enclosure which I have been careful to leave un repaired, to the delight of deer, but also it has several iron gates always kept open. (maybe the open gate makes a statement, one you may not be able to use down there.

    Somewhere I have written and posted a nice poem about welcoming gates, I need to find and re-post it. Oh I have one negative comment on my main gateway, each night a big dark spider spins a large trap across it and each morning I forget and walk right through her trap filling my face with web, while she scampers away.. She is as persistent as I am forgetful~!



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