What Bug is This?

My neighbor came to borrow my drill and on the way back out to let him out of my gate, I chanced upon this insect. It was a very fast mover, but I was able to get one decent shot. Does anyone know what insect it is? It is about 6/16ths of an inch long.

It reminds me of a cow-killer ant but it is much smaller and redder as opposed to the black and orange of the cow-killer ants (which are actually a variety of female wingless wasps) I’ve seen here on my property. It is probably a red velvet ant but has different markings, is brilliant red and much smaller than ones I’ve seen before. Click HERE to see a huge Cow-killer ant I saw a few years ago and to learn more about them..

6 thoughts on “What Bug is This?

  1. Dale T. Wilson

    Scheesch. Scientists are always discovering new species, but the insect kingdom’s capability to morph and adapt to negative influence (pesticides, climate change?), baffles the mind while producing imagination-defying creations.



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