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Bougainvillea Plus: Flower of the Day, May 16, 2018


It took me a while to notice the little visitor on this bougainvillea branch.

See Cee’s lovely bud HERE.

Cosmos and Will o’ the Wasp: Flower of the Day, Sept 10, 2016

I couldn’t decide which of these two very similar shots I liked best, so I’m posting both of them. If you have a favorite, let me know.

img_5281img_5280I photographed these Cosmos along the walkway to the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. A man asked me to identify several of the flowers and said he, too, had photographed them. I asked if the museum was interesting and he said, “About as interesting as watching paint dry!” He turned around and walked back toward the museum with me, but I veered off to take photos of a little boy flying a kite he’d made in a kite making workshop in the museum. Wish I’d been there for that!! In the end, I left without going into the museum. I decided with so little time left here that I’d rather drive along the bay and then go back to my motel and sit by the water in an Adirondack chair to write my blog.

For more photos, look here: https://ceenphotography.com/2016/09/09/flower-of-the-day-dahlia-11/