“This Little Light of Mine” For Lenz Artist Challenge #176

This Little Light of Mine

I was purified each Sunday, sitting on a child-sized wooden chair, belting out “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.” Sure of salvation, my only worry was whether I’d forget the Bible verse memorized by repeating it every morning and every night for the preceding week.

I was glorious holy, worrying about my dad, who put the harvest before church, trying to pray him back from a future Hell. Yes, there were happy ladies shepherding us up the back stairs from Sunday School to real church above; but there were also those who gave us brief flashes of the fires of Hell, who denied that perfect attendance bar for my Sunday School pin even when my excuse was a verified hospital stay to have my tonsils out. Muriel, the preacher’s daughter and my oldest sister’s best friend, stealing the bar to add to my Sunday School pin, anyway. Surely this member of a holy family herself validity enough to certify my perfect attendance in  intention if not in fact.

Where did it go, that round white enamel pin with the surrounding gold cluster for the second year and new bar hanging down each year thereafter for perfect attendance? I wore it with such pride. Did it blow away in the tornado that lifted my parents’ roof that year long after I had left? Was it stolen in the burglary at my house where 70 rings were stolen? Did divine intervention finally lift it from my possession?

The only certainty is that this pack rat did not throw it away. I am an artist of little things, joining them together to create stories of my life, the world and thoughts above this world. They are little lights of mine shining words and memories—little song medleys that belt the lyrics as surely as that basement room of children, sure in their conviction that somewhere out there in the universe, someone or something was watching them shine.




For Lenz Artist Challenge #176

1 thought on ““This Little Light of Mine” For Lenz Artist Challenge #176


    Oh MEMORIES, thanks for opening the door, even if it is not Sunday~! We do come from a similar mold, even if the finished product may have come out a bit different~!. I could have been sitting on a hard wooden pew not far from you, which must have been designed by the same people who design torture chambers, fiddling due to listening for what seemed like hours to a preacher as he droned on about the “Wages of Sin”, and who (WE kids) knew was cheating on his wife with the music leader~! (his wife collected those wages later when she left him). And our fear of the “dogooder of the church”, Henry Gassey, who we referred to as “Evil Eye Gassey” due to his peeping over the pews and telling our mothers if we were not really quietly kneeling during prayer~! From that, we got a whipping when we got home, and he was looked upon as a “Pillar of the church”.

    Oh and thanks for: “This Little Light of Mine”, it brings back great memories, not of my singing it in Sunday school but rather memories of Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell~! HA~!

    I may sound terrible, but this turned out to do good, as this is when I learned to “question” everything, which in my life gave me a better lesson than what was being said to me at the time.

    For more please go to my addendum for today:




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