School Discipline in Transylvania: The Sunday Whirl, Nov 30, 2021


School Discipline in Transylvania

The screen door bangs. I’m off to school
where the teachers think they rule,
but I think I see signs of worry
on my teacher as I hurry
into class and take my seat.
Already, he displays defeat

before the spit wads take their toll,
betraying who is in control.
A first and then a second wad
sails through the air and towards his bod.
He lifts his face to the attack,
then calmly turns to show his back.

He writes his name and then the date,
then waits for missiles to abate.
Sucks in his breath and turns around
to silence. There is not a sound
as shooters wilt and drop their ammo,
reacting to our teacher’s whammo.

It’s like a screen lifts from his face,
his old self gone without a trace,
a second visage in its place.
His eyes are bulging out in space,
his forehead furled beneath his bangs,
his teeth protruding out like fangs,

like a vampire’s wont to do,
his face a sickly pallid hue.
His fingers curl into long claws,
occasioning a longer pause.

Hushed silence reigns. Lectures begin.
This teacher has great discipline!!!!

For The Sunday Whirl Wordle, the words are : control, worry, school, see, face, date, screen, shooter, attack, sucks and second. Image by Tra Nguyen on Unsplash.

7 thoughts on “School Discipline in Transylvania: The Sunday Whirl, Nov 30, 2021


    Too bad that we do not have a little more Transylvanian discipline here in America, but Teachers do not have the support they need to control the few who need it the most; and laws are written in favor of the “gun nuts” instead of common sense and safety~! … Thus shootings of children, by children; as we had yesterday, not to mention making a hero of a nut who wants to carry an AK-47 to a street demonstration~! Even the gunslingers of old could not claim “self-defense”~!



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