Our species has malfunctioned and we’ve finally met our match.
It’s waited all these years for the right time for it to hatch.
First there was the ice age where we had to deal with frost,
but it seems like global warming is the place where we’ll be lost.
We’ve flaunted our dominion and must be reprimanded
It seems as though our prototype’s about to be disbanded.
It’s ironic that a virus so small that it’s invisible
might be the thing that proves that mankind might be divisible.

Divisible: capable of being divided by another number without a remainder.

Prompt words today are malfunction, flaunt, prototype, frost and match.

13 thoughts on “Divisible

  1. Debbie Lynn

    This poem speaks volumes! Have you sent it out to well know newspapers around the country? Sadly, the last line rings true and that just boggles the mind. Husband and I were just talking this morning that it would take the world to globally pull together as one, but political, social, and moral issues will prevent that from happening.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      No, I am terrible about sending out work. The New Yorker won’t accept anything that has been previously blogged, so that is a venue closed and I don’t know of other newspapers that publish poetry. Lazy in that respect.



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