Skilled Hands and Imagination, Last of the Card, November 2021

I’ve been to two Xmas craft shows and a weekly street market, and at each, the only person whose work I couldn’t resist was the lady pictured above.  

And this is what I bought. Believe me, I could have purchased more. Her pieces were one-of-a-kind and there isn’t one I wouldn’t have purchased if I had the room. These are all Xmas gifts. Except, perhaps, for one.


for Bushboy’s Last on the Card Challenge Hope you don’t mind that I shared my last two as I figured the creator of these objects deserved to be seen, as well.

14 thoughts on “Skilled Hands and Imagination, Last of the Card, November 2021

      1. SAM VOELKER

        I do not usually mention such things because I am also bad with typos as well, but in this case it changed the meaning of the statement… I have one finger which is stiff from an accident, and when it hits the wrong key, spell check turns it into a word of what should not be.


          1. SAM VOELKER

            Well if the monkey was one that you got, you can just send it to me~!! Ha~! But maybe if Tami got hold of it she would slobber all over it while trying to get me to throw it, and it would no longer be that nice.



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