FOTD, Cee’s Poinsettia Challenge, Dec 8, 2021

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I went back six years to find images of poinsettias For Cee’s FOTD

7 thoughts on “FOTD, Cee’s Poinsettia Challenge, Dec 8, 2021

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I can’t keep a poinsettia alive for love nor money. I think part of it is the only place to buy them is the grocery and they are not sturdy, but beyond that, maybe i just don’t have the right light? I have no idea, but every one of them I’ve bought — and we are talking DOZENS over the year — died in less than a week. So I admire yours. I have pictures, but I have to admit, I took all these pictures as soon as I got the poinsettia home — BEFORE it died. I might try again if I can find a nursery that has healthy plants.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Darn. I know my never lasted beyond their initial flowering but I’m sure they lasted weeks, at least, back when I lived in northern climes. The ones I photographed were mostly growing outside, I believe. Except for the one I’d picked as a centerpiece. They grow into trees here. My largest (and first) was regrettably cut down a few years ago, I think by the man installing my solar hot water heater.



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