Air Despair

Air Despair

I get goosebumps every time I travel via jet,
but I haven’t  crashed and burned or perished as of yet.
Pedants say my chances of crashing are remote,
but nonetheless, if I could choose, I’d rather take a boat.

The revelry is greater and the distance to the ground
is cushioned way much better with water all around.
It’s easier to stretch one’s legs, there’s shuffleboard, a pool,
and every cabin has a bed with private sink and stool!

Although planes are faster, what’s the hurry? What’s the rush?
Consider airplane food, the tiny restrooms and the crush.
First class in planes has nothing on last class in luxury cruisers.
In short, I think planes were invented for impatient losers!!

Prompts today are revelry, jet, pedant and goosebumps.

10 thoughts on “Air Despair

  1. Lala Ribera

    Hola Judy! Your poem about air travels so describes my own feelings – except you didn’t mention carbons, which is an uncomfortable reality that we who fly don’t like to think about. That said, we are flying down to BCS on New Year’s Eve. Dan and Rhonda didn’t even make it down last year, but they are there now and I want to remind you that it would be lovely to have you visit us there again – you can even take a boat there! Meanwhile, mushrooms are pushing up in the forest every where around us here in the Valley. The Art Center (unofficial) group of walkers have been meeting at 10:00 at Henry Cowell on Mondays and we must have seen 20 different varieties a couple of days ago. It’s been very mild weather and we’re getting nervous about lack of rainfall although we had a little drizzle Tuesday morning and a good chance for more tomorrow. Dan just got back from a visit with his mom who is now living in Washington State with his sister and her family. He said it was so cold that he barely spent any time outside. What a contrast it will be down on the desert. Also, many changes on la playa. Do you remember your visit when it was all beginning? We have a view of the golf course now!

    Best wishes to you Judy, for a merry holiday season. Love and hugs from your old amigos, Laurie and Dan



    1. lifelessons Post author

      Where is the golf course? By the beach where Rhonda stood in front of the earthmover? Do you remember that? I only do because I wrote about it. How I’d love to see you in La Ribera but I will have just returned from Phoenix when you are there. For how long are you staying? Don’t know if you’ll see this reply so will wait to see if you do before writing more..Otherwise, I’ll email. xo J


  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    I really hate flying. Not because I’m afraid of it, but because it has become so uncomfortable and so unpleasant. No food, no room for your feed or your luggage, no service. Give me a train or a boat or pretty much anything else. Really long drives are not really great for us anymore but that it’s actually our only option. There simply are no other choices.



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