Mixed Pot: FOTD Dec 11, 2021

Thunbergia, asparagus fern and succulents.

For Cee’s FOTD

10 thoughts on “Mixed Pot: FOTD Dec 11, 2021

  1. dennyho

    Such a beautiful arrangement. I have asparagus fern that I bring inside during winter. Certainly prefers summer weather but I baby it hoping for a successful transition. Merry Christmas to you Judy.



    I wish that conditions were such that I could grow these things outside without the need of carrying them into a safe place, when weather conditions threaten. (including too hot, too cold, too dry and too wet)~! Kind of like some people I know~! But then I do enjoy those native plants which seem to be happy where they are and do also enjoy smaller ones that happily live in the house. Can’t say the same thing about some of those same people mentioned above~!


      1. SAM VOELKER

        Yes but we are never satisfied; I remember all those folks who move into another area, then get nostalgic for where they came from and start importing things that are harmful in the new area. Arizona and Texas are good examples~! So I now you know why I mostly stick to native things, and keep the orchids, bromides etc inside in the winter, and lug the rest onto my sun porch otherwise, I gave up on my greenhouse when a storm blew part of the roof off, but my new succulent effort is coming along fine with the little inside window boxes I made though, and I must admit that for the most part our winter is just enough to keep me happy, when farther south I did miss the changing of seasons.



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