Winter Doldrums

Winter Doldrums

Crimson is reserved for autumn, December is spartan and white.
Frosty and slippery and frigid. Paled by the icy air’s bite.
Folks could be certified crazy for taking a walk on a day
when thermometers hit below freezing. You can freeze off your butt in that way.

Give me a balmy June morning or a sweltering hot afternoon
with a sunshade to keep me from baking  and sinking away in a swoon.
It’s certainly better than winter with snowshoes and mufflers and chains.
If I’m going to have weather, I’d rather contend with spring rains.

Snow has the gross disadvantage of freezing off parts of your nose.
It means going out almost fully obscured with every part wrapped up in clothes.
I can put up with sneezing in springtime and all of the parching of summer.
Leaves falling in autumn don’t irk me, but winter is always a bummer!!!!



Prompts today are crimson, certify, frosty, spartan and reserve.

16 thoughts on “Winter Doldrums

    1. lifelessons Post author

      It can be beautiful. I lived with it for thirty years, minus a few years abroad. Luckily, my last few years of snow, I lived with engineers from the railroad across the street and beside me and so the railroad plowed the street and their driveways immediately after a snowstorm as the trains had to get through and needed the engineers to drive them. The superintendent of the r.r. lived on my street as well so directed them to plow out my driveway as well. How lucky can a girl get? I had forgotten that. Your comment which helped me to remember it.

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  1. Eilene Lyon

    You don’t want to be here, then – we almost dropped to zero two nights ago! But Colorado cold is nowhere near as dreadful as other parts of the country. I’m hoping for a lot of snow so I can use my ski pass.⛷



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