The Great Reveal

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The Great Reveal

When it comes to Christmas gifts, I hope you get a passel
and you find unwrapping them to be a task most facile.
Every bound up package, may it be in bow or tassel,
a rip-roaring pleasure instead of any hassle.

And though we are adults now, let them be mementos of
all those bygone childhood years that all of us just love
to retain with pleasure in our memories—
how we would  prod and finger gifts and ogle, guess and squeeze.

Then, finally, on Christmas morn, we’d wake up like a shot,
barreling downstairs at dawn to see what we had got.
Before the church bells drew us out, we had to do our duty
and reveal just what Santa had left us for our booty.

Thus however much we’ve tried maturity to hone,
at Christmas time we find how very little we have grown.
As we untie ribbons, rip off paper, pry off lids,
we discover in our hearts that all of us are kids!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All!!!!

Prompts today are gift, memento, bells, facile and shot.

19 thoughts on “The Great Reveal


    Well (NO) not exactly as your poem says, but it brought back to me the happy memories of those times, long gone, when our house was full of kids and Christmas joy, but today I am all alone and I have actually slowed down each year on the amount of decorating I do.. I stopped trying to wrap presents and just get those nice Christmas bags to put things in. So now I am down to a ‘Festivus pole” which I manage to bring down from the upper room in time, and a badly freeze-damaged kumquat tree with only one kumquat on it. I do have a nice but very dusty Christmas reef near my front door that has been there for at least three years, but I did put a string of lights on my car gate at my entryway and I have two of those beautiful twinkling light things that project pretty colored specks into the oak trees on two sides of my house, but I would only turn them on if someone comes to visit~! My friend who is in quarantine from being exposed to a virus victim will be bringing me a full Christmas Dinner and if I am lucky we may be able to have lunch out on the porch because it is a beautiful day, about 80~!. My waterfall makes great music where my picnic table is outside.

    To top it all off my smaller cat is on the outs with the larger one and they both have been outside yelling at each other, and the larger one refused to even come in the house last night, but Tami is in her usual special position, squeezed between my thigh and the arm of my chair. Maybe the reason we like dogs more is that they never show hate, but a cat will only show love when THEY feel like it, and ignore you the rest of the time. I once knew a girl like that too~!

    I had a virtual Christmas this morning with my grandsons. I got them Kayaks and because they will not be here until tomorrow, I sent photos of the boats to them.. They will be able to use them on my lakes and stream until spring when they can go kayaking elsewhere.



    1. lifelessons Post author

      Merry Xmas Sam. We just got back from our friend’s house where we had our Xmas celebration–an hour plus drive each way. It was a fun time but I was pooped and slept on the way home.


      1. SAM VOELKER

        And I had my Christmas dinner delivered by a great friend and neighbor. So after all that turkey I will get a long great sleep.. Glad you were able to be with family and friends~!!!


          1. SAM VOELKER

            Eating too much causes you to forget, this is another reason not to watch TV while you are eating. I was supposed to have my friend deliver my Christmas dinner at about 3, I waited , waited, no show~! than at about five I took Tami for a walk, when I got back I saw a message in my new phone for the deaf, it was her, asking why I had not answered my phone, three messages~! New phone for the deaf, learn which buttons to push when you are waiting for Christmas dinner, So the roast Turkey came just in time for me to get a great night’s sleep~! Now where are the instructions on how to turn up the RING sound~! It also has a light that is supposed blink real bright…
            Quiet is nice but so is eating~!

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    Happy Boxing Day~!, but I had nothing to Box~! However a lot of boxes to throw out.

    (L-tryptophan) but pronounced (el-trip-teh-fan) in case you are going to rhyme it (HA~!)

    Shirley, my wife was raised in the Russian Orthodox church, and they would go out, down the back alley, after Boxing Day, to pick out their choice of an already mostly decorated tree, their Christmas followed the other one by about a week~! Smart move~!

    I do OK with things that I do not need to remember, it is those simple things like peoples names or the name of a plant or flower, etc, that go blank on, if you ask me for them. If you ask me: “what is the name of your oldest sister”, my answer would be, give me time an I will let you know later..

    It is usually three O’clock in the morning that the GREAT memories come to me, but by five they are all gone. I have missed many “great post” that I thought of at about at three, but they never got written down. I once put a note pad on my bedside table, and jotted notes down when they came to me, but by morning I could not even figure out why I had made such dumb statements.

    My Son just called and is on his way out to visit, he asked: “should I bring something to eat~?” Ha, they will help me get rid of some of the overflow in my refrigerator. He is bringing a friend who is a professional blog builder and programmer, She will help me build a new site, then my friend Ginny who is an editor, will help me refine it when she comes in February~! I do pick my friends carefully, and I hope to base it on a different layout. (HA~!) I am still open for suggestions on the layout, but I want it to be simpler and easier to navigate, both for input and for access. Mine will have a third reply option, in addition to “LIKE” I would want something like: “READ IT” and “STINKS” or “EXPLAIN”. If it is a photo of a flower, LIKE may do, but if it is more it may need more. Or to stop self indulgent people like me it could ask for: “Please give a one word comment~!” with no more space provided….

    Kind of a dull overcast boxing day~! I need to grab my Festivus pole and put it back up for another year~!, then boxing day will be done for me~! Now I need to see why Cat #2 is avoiding Cat #1 and Tami, only sneaking into the house to eat and drink after the lights go out at night.. They do not like her because she is part Siamese, the yelling part~! She was given the name of Coco by the orphanage, for her color, but I call her Old Yeller~!

    I hope you are still welcome where you are, it may be a long time before the planes get back on schedule~! By now you and I would be in an argument about the best rhyme of a dumb word~! I would give it a French accent and you would give it a Spanish one, while the correct one would be in English.

    I am looking forward to early February when my friend Ginny will arrive and we will travel south of here to see the Azaleas blooming, a beautiful time of the Year in South Louisiana.

    SAM, in case WP does not know my name anymore.



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