Peace on Earth in ’22

Peace on Earth in ’22

If only we could clear the world of every tragic issue
as though we’d wiped the slate clean with one gigantic tissue.
If Pollyanna ruled the world, there’d be no end of cheer.
There’d be no hungry children, no drunks crying in their beer.
But in our potential Shangri-La, perfection’s not to be.
The playing field’s not even and there is no guarantee
that things will all be equal regarding happiness.
In fact with every passing year, the world’s more of a mess.

Yet before we shed this mortal coil, there’s something we can do
to try to bring some happiness to this human zoo.
Before this year is over, it would be stupendous
if each and every one of us could do something tremendous
like deflect a bit of gossip or curb a caustic quip,
 resist an impulse to defraud or cheat or bilk or gyp,
 see a foreign culture as exotic, not as wrong,
 join hands with the universe and try to get along.

As this old year’s winding down, if we could make a pact
not to steal or plunder, not to blame nor to react
in anger to each other. Treat each woman as our mother
and try to view each man on earth as our potential brother,
then maybe things would straighten out and throughout the Earth
our population would be healed and all would feel their worth.
Warfare would be abolished and kindness seize the day.
Oh that this was reality and we could find our way.


Prompt words today are coil, stupendous, cheer, caustic and tissue. Image thanks to the New York Public Library on unsplash.

23 thoughts on “Peace on Earth in ’22


    Nice poem and nice thoughts, one person was only thinking about those who were no longer with us, even in my years we all take special days with sadness but I still like to look to the future… I put a little check in the mailbox of a lady down the road who has donated her life to strays and takes in animals, often abandoned by other or even sick wildlife. Christmas In past years I went downtown with small blankets and food (even cheap wine) for the people living under the bridges, but in the past two years I could not do this, but the Salvation Army is looking after most of them, as usual, which they get a small token from me. This is the tribute to them that I wrote in the past but a happier one of how we celebrate here at Los Perdidos:

    Final week


      1. judyreeveswriter

        Plans are still go but Gina and I are standing by for what could change. I don’t like being this “iffy” but what can you do? And I want coming to Mexico to be one of my things.


          1. judyreeveswriter

            We’ll keep you posted. Meantime, you’re one of the few people I know who uses the term “tenterhooks” correctly. Most often, as you probably know, “tender hooks,’ which kinda makes sense.


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