Animal Pot Pourri: A Photo a Week Challenge


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For A Photo a Week Challenge: Animals


11 thoughts on “Animal Pot Pourri: A Photo a Week Challenge

    1. lifelessons Post author

      There are actually two little dogs in that carrier. One didn’t peek his head out! They were in the seat ahead of me and I never saw them the entire flight until we landed and their dad put their carrier on the seat and opened up the top to let them peek out. Such good kids! This was taken while we were in the airport waiting for our luggage.

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          1. SAM VOELKER

            I wonder if WP will let me reply, I must be careful because they put traps in that will automatically put me right back where I was. Anyway here is my addendum to the boll weevil

            Boll weevil said at the border
            I’m headed on way down south
            agent said to the boll weevil
            better watch your gringo mouth.
            If you’re looking for a home,
            if your are looking for a home

            They know down there you are evil
            and you eat everything in sight
            so your welcome will not be gleeful
            you must hide to be alright.


            You just want last very long,
            while looking for a home
            want even last out this song~!
            Because smack and you will be gone~!


            Ms Judy spotted the boll weevil
            asked what you doing in my home
            you almost look medieval
            behave or you will be gone!

            But she saw nothing evil
            of him hiding along a wall
            and said to the boll weevil
            you can stay, being so very small~!


            Boll weevil stood alone,
            and in evil squeaky tone
            shouted THIS IS MY HOME~!
            this is MY home….

            may be all you will hear from me today,

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            1. lifelessons Post author

              Thought I’d replied to this, but perhaps it was on your blog. Thanks for identifying this strange little long-snouted insect. Almost like a Dr. Seuss illustration. Enjoyed your silly poem.


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