Tree of Flowers: FOTD Jan 2, 2022

Every year they create a new incredible Christmas tree at the Nueva Posada, one of the oldest restaurants in Ajijic. They are always fabulous. This year’s, made out of hand-fashioned flowers, was no exception. I went to their delicious New Year’s Day brunch with four friends to dine in their back garden that fronts on the lake. A better choice for me than a crowded indoors New Years Eve celebration. I imagine this tree will stay up through January  6 to celebrate Tres Reyes (Three Kings Day.) In Mexico, it is often the true celebration for families–even bigger than Christmas.

HERE is a link to 2019’s tree and information on the man who constructs them each year.

For Cee’s FOTD

8 thoughts on “Tree of Flowers: FOTD Jan 2, 2022


    Beautiful photo of a beautiful expression of Christmas by people who obviously care about the season, in a place I would love to be visiting~! Thanks for bringing us this pleasure today…~!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I know you’ve visited Mexico and its ilk and so understand why I love it so. I just love knowing it is around me even when I don’t venture out into it…not that I don’t, frequently.


      1. SAM VOELKER

        That is exactly the way I feel. I visited the Guadalajara area many times way back then (mid 50’s). I have always judged any place that I visited or worked, by the people, their life and their attitude. It could be located in deep swamps, hot sands, or just the end of the road, but I always enjoyed the beauty, the food, the music, the weather, but mostly the people I met..

        However there is one sad “down part” that I must tell you about, and Guadalajara may be to the point. It has grown a hundredfold, Chapala is now an American expat town more or less, so if I am looking for the natives that I once knew, they are gone, the “typic little villages” are mostly replaced with big buildings, non-gregarious or friendly people, noisy cars and crime, and if you are looking for “lost memories” it is sometimes quite sad~! Actually, some of this was lost as late as five years ago when brotherly love seemed to go out the window and the love is often gone~!
        You may have to look hard to find what once was~! As the world turns, the warm screws~!

        Los Perdidos is another good example. The name came because we had found a place that was so isolated, in our mind “Lost”~! It seemed to take forever to get here along a dirt road, full of holes and ruts, and it was unusual to see more than one or two cars pass by in a whole day, but exactly what we were looking for~! What few people we met were much like us, and compatible. Today the road is paved, and there is a wine, beer, or wedding place every mile or so and on weekends the traffic runs full speed and is mostly tourist, often drunk ones at that. So while I am still happy to be here in my isolation, “the people” I knew are not as many and maybe I have just lived too long. But going back can sometimes be very sad~!



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