Protest or Assent?


Protest or Assent?

The ratio between dissent and absolute compliance–
the odds that we’ll react with order or with strong defiance—
depends on several factors, but the stats insinuate
a majority of people will just equivocate.

If they feel one or the other will work out in their favor,
they’ll take the medicine dished out, no matter what the flavor.
Or if there is a bargain to be gained by compromising,
or a sure advantage that’s outlined by advertising,

they will sublimate their feelings and just go with the flow.
If to do so bends their ethics, well, who will ever know?
Thus, our ethical behavior may change from day to day
depending on temptations that fate may send our way.


Prompt words today are insinuate, medicine, bargain, dissent and ratio.

12 thoughts on “Protest or Assent?


    Oh, oh I like to hear both sides of all political discussions, but my question(s) may be this: The picture brings out other questions~!

    1- Has trump now moved down in Mexico with his potty mouth, grabbing all along the way~?
    2- Is the “pussyhat” only now becoming popular down there~?
    3- did the ladies in Texas donate their hats to the goodwill: “ropas usadas”
    4- Has the word never got out in Mexaco that the “pussyhat” is now passe` due to it actually sending the wrong message about women~?
    5- Or is this just a rather old stock photo that is reminding us of what Trump WAS, (and is) before the very women he was bad-mouthing (dirty mouthing) actually went out and helped vote him into office in for four years~?

    No matter the answer, whether ambiguous or not, at least they are discussing it among themselves. I like that, Thanks~!


        1. lifelessons Post author

          I have a completed memoir about growing up in a small town in South Dakota, an illustrated children’s book, a children’s book that needs illustrating and an adult coloring book featuring my humorous “mature” poems. Plus two books I wrote 18 to 20 years ago that I’ve never published. It’s my one biggest procrastination.

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          1. Martha Kennedy

            I think you know what to do! Get that party — or those parties! — started. A couple of years ago I published my first book. It has a readership of two. I figured I owed it to the girl who wrote it (she was in her late 20s). 2 memoirs — they’re both good but don’t have a big audience. Four novels — again they’re all good but really no audience, in this country anyway. It’s fun to make a book as good as you can make it and then publish it, making it as beautiful as you know how to make it. Last year I illustrated a book for a woman in Wyoming. THAT was great. I love my books. ❤ 🙂


            1. Martha Kennedy

              I mean by “first book” the first book I ever wrote. The first book I published wasn’t that one. It was an experiment to see how to do it. The first real book was Martin of Gfenn


            2. lifelessons Post author

              I’ve published four books, actually. It’s just these last ones that I can’t make myself do the final push with. They’ve even been edited countless times and formatted.. I just put off doing the final bit.

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