Serial Lover

Serial Lover

He was skillful at his art: a lover and romancer.
For every question of the heart he had a valid answer.
Pivotal to all his charms was his savoir faire.
He had a knightly bearing—a quality most rare.

No lady could resist his charms or deny the thrust
of his passionate ardor. He always won their trust.
And although perhaps at first they might have hesitated,
In the end, each maid he wooed at last  cooperated.

But when the heat of passion turned inevitably cold,
and he wiped the slate clean, though he never kissed and told,
he’d move on to another challenge of the heart,
forget his last night’s ardor and make a brand new start.




Prompts for the day are clean slate, answer, thrust, pivotal and cooperate.

17 thoughts on “Serial Lover


    Not exactly a clean slate, he finally met the one who conquered him. Not a shrinking violet, or “one-night stand”, but one who saw him through and through. So they lived a happy married life for the next 50 years~! Looking, thinking, but not venturing elsewhere, that was so long ago past~! Still remembering some of those old conquests of early years. But the prime memory on his mind was always of the one that conquered him.
    Thanks for the memories~!

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      1. SAM VOELKER

        Actually up to the time I turned 30 you pegged me exactly~! I did put a sequel to rhyme but then decided that my effort may take from your poem so I did not post that.. But I did have an old one which I posted here, hope you do not mind.

        Assured, egotistic big headed
        he was a man so conceited
        and so he often greeted
        many girls he streeted
        lust was so heated
        one even bleated
        but he fleeted
        then cheated
        what was needed
        was something created
        to finally bring him defeated
        so that it never again be repeated,
        with that his fate would be completed~!


        As to posting, I am still trying to figure out how to use WordPress in such a way that others can access my post without my opening up another can of worms.. Holiday season has slowed getting my new blog post together.


          1. SAM VOELKER

            Judy would you let me know it the above will allow you to access my site. I am trying to stay away from their tricks which put me back into what I had before and I don’t want. It calls this a “private site” but others can access it by logging in on their own access…


    1. Martha Kennedy

      Cereal Lover

      Every morning he played his part, stirring measuring water
 And stirring mush.
      For his kids’ questions he always had an answer.

      Pivotal to his job as dad, and breakfast maker 

      He wore an apron and —a quality most rare.

      No child could resist his hominy grits, rice and raisins, or

      Oatmeal with brown sugar. He always won their trust.
And though perhaps at first the kids might have hesitated
In the end, each kid dipped in his spoon and cooperated.

      On days when there was a rush, breakfast would be cold,
Shredded wheat or corn flakes, dry cereals of old.

      He wiped the counters clean, doffed the apron, moved to another challenge of the day,
Kissed the kids, buttoned their coats and sent them on their way.

      Definitely great art.

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            1. lifelessons Post author

              Ha.. I thought you meant my poem was about him and I offered my condolences. Then realized you meant your poem was about him so I trashed my comments.


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