Outta Here!

Outta Here!!!

The preponderance of people do not scintillate
when they tell a story wherein they relate
all the various aches and ills of their last operation,
hoping for our sympathy and our cooperation
in asking for each detail about defective parts—
their livers or their hip joints or their kidneys or their hearts.
Of course they know they’ll wow us and turn our knees to jelly
as they relate the drama of the opening of their belly,
never knowing that we’re blocking out all memory of their story
that is boring in recital, though its details may be gory.
All-in-all they need to know they’re in double jeopardy
first of losing bodily organs, and then of losing me!!!

Prompt words today are block, preponderance, jeopardy, scintillate and jelly.

7 thoughts on “Outta Here!

  1. Lou Carreras

    The graphic really grabbed me. I haven’t seen an old one like that since the sixties. They were replaced by replaceable blade scalpels. But one or two “cutters” (old-timers) preferred them. I had to learn to sharpen them, and it wasn’t easy. With replaceable blades, you always had a sharp edge. with the old ones the edge dulled…you can figure out why they were replaced.

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