Poetic Reconstruction

Poetic Reconstruction

I’m going to the hospital. I’ve made a reservation,
for I am much in need of a creative restoration.

I need an operation to regain my way of seeing.
I’m going to regain my glow–the fiber of my being.

I suffer from prosaism. Triteness clogs each vein.
My poetic diagnosis? Derivative. Inane.

The abundance of my poems does not refute the fact
of the originality that lately they have lacked.

So, take me to the hospital. I’m ready to be cut.
I’m ready to be lifted from my creative rut.

Unveil my eyes, unblock my brain. Clear pathways to my heart,
but as you improve parts of it, please leave the broken part.

For all the pleasures of the world do not make up a whole.
It also takes some sorrows to feed a poet’s soul.


Prompt words today are abundance, hospital, fiber, prosaism and glow.

27 thoughts on “Poetic Reconstruction

      1. Jewish Young Professional "JYP"

        I cannot. You will need to find someone with songwriting talent for that. (I do have a singing voice that is appreciated by fellow drunk people at karaoke, but that is really the extent of my musical talent.) But something about this poem made me feel like it could be a song



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