I’m standing at the crossroads between a saint and bitch.
Schooled in forebearance, I’ve stayed within my nitch.
But lately things are changing. I’m losing self-control.
The hounds of Hell have been released and now they’re on patrol.
They’re fluting all the pillars formerly unmarked—
scoring them with unfurled claws every time they’ve barked.

Soon I will be certified as a nagging crone—
the sort of aging harpie who prefers to live alone.
I’m sure its hard to fathom it, as perfect as I’ve been,
kowtowing to authority—especially to men.
But privilege must come to all as we come to age,
so I’m expressing sovereignty, at least here on the page.


Word prompts today are flute, crossroads, certified, bitch. Image by Camila Quintero Franco on Unsplash.

7 thoughts on “Harridan

  1. Anonymous

    Great one; and the way I have been feeling lately, except in my case, it is my being ALONE as part of my problem; but I am not craving a man around the house, and my Tami seems to be my only answer for now. But at the end of the month, I will once again have company for a while, maybe long enough to get rid of my Beelzebub ways~! Last night we had cold wet (snow mixed with sleet) turning the world white this morning. Ever have a small dog return from her outside necessarys, with her undercarriage wet and cold, then jumps onto your lap looking for warmth~?



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