New Puppy: The Sunday Whirl 540


New Puppy

She’s distracted in a heartbeat by a petal or a stone.
No errant tuft of grass is ever left alone.
She does battle with the gate, makes fairy trails through sand,
makes a complicated plaything of a single human hand.

The spill of lacy shadows by the sun above the trees,
the ticking of a clock or the slightest little breeze
all demand attention. There’s no limit to the things
that become her playthings: bottles, fingers, strings.

Only sunset brings a finish to frenetic hours of play.
There is a certain surcease, finally, at the end of day.
But 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. and 6.a.m. again
mark hours when new playtimes are scheduled to begin.

Prompt words today are: sunset finish  string spill heartbeat trails  tick stone gate

For The Sunday Whirl 540 Wordle

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20 thoughts on “New Puppy: The Sunday Whirl 540

    1. lifelessons Post author

      She already does. Luckily I was staying with three friends when I got her and have two friends staying here now that I’ve returned. Come Wednesday, it’s just Zoe and moi!!! But she’s pretty well trained already.


  1. SueW

    My apologies Judy, I began to type a comment on someone’s blog when my pages began to flash, once it stopped flashing I commenced typing, I clicked send only to find the new page was yours! The page flashed again and now I can’t find which of your posts it was!

    Anyway, I love your new puppy. 🙂

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