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Zoe is a naughty imp, impetuous and furtive.
It does me not one bit of good to try to be assertive.
When I employ tactics in trying to curb her,
I admit it does nothing at all to disturb her.

Her larger brothers turn wild as well
to cope with this little sister from Hell.
When I try to train them with whistle or bribe,
it does nothing at all to curb my wild tribe.

In the end I give up and retreat to my room
leaving the floor mat, my plants and the broom
to be rendered asunder by one tiny pup
who’s developed a creed that she’ll never give up

until every tactic she knows is deployed
to insure every thing in her path is destroyed.
Then she’ll turn on her brothers ten times her size
and pester them ruthlessly with no reprise.

My head I shake slowly. My hands? I throw up,
hoping that one day she’ll surely grow up.
Then I’ll recount fondly when she was a pup!

On the other hand. . . .

Prompts for the day are imp, furtive, impetuous, employ and train whistle. (Traviesa means naughty in Spanish.)

There is a video to post with this but I’m running out of time. I’ll post it later…

State of Zoe: New Duds

When last we saw Zoe, she was in a. funny little outfit designed by her mother to keep her from continuing to pull out the stitches from her spaying. What a dilemma. Vet office closed, computer tech on the way, what was a mom to do? I called Zoe’s groomer who had to pass my house anyway on his daily drive back from his business in Ajijic to Guadalajara, where he lives, so I asked him to bring a cone, hoping it would keep her from totally disemboweling herself. You saw the result which I will duplicate at the end of this blog, but yesterday I took Zoe to the vet to have her check her out and she had a better solution to the problem. Here is thoroughly modern Zoe, transformed from sunbonnet girl to a stylish gym suit model. She’s soooo cute and no more nibbling at her stitches. Here is Zoe now:
She has no objection to her new attire. Not so with Mom’s former solution to the problem:

Which look do you prefer? Luis, the computer tech guy who was one of three of us needed to pin her down to clothe her in her former protective attire said she looked like something from “Little House on the Prairie.”

If you want to read more about her funny little outfit above and how it came to be, go HERE.

State of Zoe: Enjoying her Pain Meds

In case you don’t know, Zoe was spayed yesterday afternoon. Mom was worried, but Zoe seems to have come through it with flying colors. The vet said Just as she was giving her the shot to anesthetize her, that Zoe reached up and licked her on the face! She had a fan club by the time I picked her up 5 hours later.


Looking for Oscar

Yesterday, torrential morning rains kept Oscar away from his usual Friday morning visit to walk the dogs. Zoe sat by the door for most of the morning, whining and  hoping for his arrival. This morning, she did the same. Poor baby. She won’t be walking on Monday, either, as she is scheduled to be spayed. I’ll take her for a walk today.

Zoe: Last on the Card, May 31, 2022

Are you surprised that my last shot of the month was of Zoe? And her favorite toy? She pulls it around herself holding the cord in her mouth, winds it around her and growls at its bouncing after her, swings it high in the air and runs after it. I should take a video. You are all on the edges of your seats, right?


She looks so innocent, there in her little bed that she still prefers to the new bigger one I bought for her, her toys around her. Dreaming, no doubt, about her next naughty exploit or perhaps just remembering her last one.

Traviesa means “naughty” in Spanish, and it is Zoe’s middle name. Often her first one, because even after three months, “Zoe” never comes automatically to my mind, but “Traviesa” all too frequently does.

Tonight I looked down to see a much-chewed clutter of paper on the rug in my bedroom, along with Zoe’s favorite little ball that has lights inside that change colors when it is chewed or dropped on the floor. She was nowhere in sight, but the evidence was clear as to who was responsible.

At first I couldn’t figure out what the torn up paper object was, but when I picked up the pieces and turned them over, I I realized. “Oh no!”

It was my favorite photo of Forgottenman! It must have fallen from the shelf where I have a little collection of his photos.
When I Skyped  him to share Zoe’s most recent mischief, he was trying to figure out if it was his graduation photo, so I pieced it together as best I could:

No, not his graduation photo with Beatles haircut, just a crew cut with a little lift in the front and a mischievous smile.  

She shifts in her sleep, giving little running movements, dreaming the dreams of an innocent, but Moms know the truth about their kids, and fortunately, love them to bits in spite of it.