Adolescence and Anorexia

Adolescence and Anorexia

When I was a teenager, I thought that I was fat.
I felt that I must be obese if I wasn’t flat.
To look like Twiggy was our goal, but we never achieved it.
The media said curves were bad, and dumb us, we believed it!
Normal flesh felt flabby and we feared cellulite pebbles.
and though in other matters, we felt like we were rebels,
when it came to body image, news and fashion led us.
Thankfully, in retrospect, they weren’t the ones who fed us!

Prompt words today are pebble, referral, flabby, teenager.

4 thoughts on “Adolescence and Anorexia

  1. Sam

    Well done both with the subject and the words. I will tell you a little secrete, boys of the same age have the same feelings, but others do not notice them unless they flaunt it~! I made malted milk shakes at home with a raw egg in it (somebody said it would give you a solid strong body). So this I did to build up my very slim, too tall body. Later I wished that had not because my body did not stop in the horizontal~!



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