Sargasso Sea: Wordle 547

Sargasso Sea

Your fingertips trace patterns on my open palms,
moons on my forearms, stars on my shoulders.
You void the aches and tensions of a stressful day,
unconsciously skim over borders where no lesser traveler
would be allowed to go. Remote places become your territory.

Strong lines develop where you’ve lightly traced.
The Captain Cook of seduction,
you have skirted my boundaries, charted my seas.

Now my waters part before you and welcome you in—
complicit prisoner of my Sargasso Sea.



The Sunday Whirl Wordle prompts today are: remote unconsciously cook tracing moon patterns strong star void over fingertips lines, Photos by Birmingham Muse and Nick Moore on Unsplash.

13 thoughts on “Sargasso Sea: Wordle 547

  1. Marsha

    Judy your wealth of knowledge astounds me and your ability to mold and transform it into a poem or story is an art. What a subtle erotic poem this is unless I misunderstand it. After reading Bushboy’s comment I thought I had better read about the Sargasso Sea. What an interesting place that I would never like to visit.


      1. Marsha

        How interesting. So yucky, it sounds like – decomposing plastic! I thought plastic didn’t decompose, but apparently there is a bacteria in the Sargasso Sea that digests it. However, it might be poisoning all the life that eats the bacteria. The floating seaweed seems rather benign in comparison. 🙂



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