Night Traveler

Night Traveler

Beneath the moon’s rotation and a sky cobbled by stars,
I lie upon my back and search for Jupiter and Mars.
The Milky Way creates a bridge for my imagination
which journeys down its highway without any hesitation.

Sequestered as I am by walls and blackness of the night,
there are no other travelers to share my nightly flight.
Only approach of daylight can bring this traveler home
as the morning draws a curtain over heaven’s dome.


Prompts today are bridge, sequestered, rotation, cobbled and approach. Image thanks to Ibrahim Shabil on Unsplash.

5 thoughts on “Night Traveler

  1. Lou Carreras

    Beautiful post. The photo reminded me that as you near the equator the consetelations stream east to west forming what is called the sidereal compass. Navigators cn use this for incredibly long voyages across the oceans.

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