Time Holds the Key

Time Holds the Key

The detergent of time washes away
the travail we feel so keenly today,
constantly munching away at our pain,
over and over and over again.

The hemp that was used manufacturing rope
to bind up our hands and tie up our hope
once placed in a pipe, might free up our minds
to journey down roads of alternative kinds.

Life’s journey is kooky. Thus, each generation
achieves some sort of new fenestration
to escape from the bondage of years that are past.
Thus proving that no form of bondage can last.

Freedom and justice must be more than talk,
for though time holds the means to unlock the lock,
there must be a hand turning the key
to open the door that sets justice free.


Prompts today are kooky, thrifty, hemp, munch, constant and detergent.

6 thoughts on “Time Holds the Key

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Granted, it takes time, but although aware of history, to a degree, what child of the 2020’s anguishes over the Spanish Inquisition? Every generation thinks their travail is the worst but it is an ongoing fight. It seems to be the universal cycle of mankind.

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      1. koolkosherkitchen

        I was that child, and so was my son, and so is my granddaughter. We are commanded to view every event in our history as if it is happening to us right now. it is ingrained in us from childhood, Judy.


        1. lifelessons Post author

          So good that some remember, but too many others either totally overlook, are desensitized or refuse to believe the truth of the past. Or are totally ignorant. That is how we wind up with Trump as president. Or with Putin or all of the other tyrants of the past. and present. You make it a point to remember and to educate your children and grandchildren but many do not.



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