Gulches carved by raindrops, sandcastles swamped by waves.
Drip by drip, stalactites transgressing into caves.
The way of nature, changing things, sometimes recklessly.
Tearing down what man has built, always impartially.

The ennui of summer days give way to winter’s shout––
dumping drifts of snow and then blowing it about.
A fairy ring of mushrooms gives birth to what was fallen.
A single bumblebee extracting nectar, spreading pollen.

Prompt words today are gulch, ring, impartial, ennui, reckless and sandcastles. All images by me except for the photo of stalagmites and stalactites by Jakub Micuch on Unsplash.

3 thoughts on “Cycles

  1. Eilene Lyon

    I like this description of cycles. I’ve been working on some cycle prompts from the NYT a while back. This one is a brilliant summation (mine just ramble for pages without a point).



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