No Pattern

No Pattern

To placate her parents, they said that she’d improve.
With praxis and time’s passage, she would slip into the groove.
They said that she would blossom like all the other girls,
subscribe to dolls and ruffles, to lipstick and to curls.
But she remained mysterious, preferring other things.
She asked for cars and baseballs instead of pretty rings.
She didn’t set the table or ask to dry the dishes.
To help her dad cut firewood fell more within her wishes.
No formula they set for her worked out for her because
stubbornly and true to self, she turned out who she was!

Prompt words are placate, subscribe, mysterious, praxis, table and blossom. Image by Reeney Jenkins on Unsplash.

10 thoughts on “No Pattern

  1. Anonymous

    WOW, this should be a classic~! I am posting it to others that I correspond with.. though it will not impress narrow minded bigots~!


      1. SAM VOELKER

        You know it was not such a hateful thing when (or where) I grew up. Some of our favorite folks fit that message but no one made any negative comment about it, so I little noticed, thank God that is one thing that did not bother us, I just did not think much about it until over the last few years when the bigotry blossomed. But then it was the same with the colored folks who we loved and lived “kindly” with, but in later years came to know that we were actually treating them in a terrible way (unknowingly~?). Like water fountains, mixed gatherings, eating places, and transportation. Even the church I attended was proud of the fact that they could attend,,,,but they had to sit on the last pew in the back of the church.



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