Zoe is a naughty imp, impetuous and furtive.
It does me not one bit of good to try to be assertive.
When I employ tactics in trying to curb her,
I admit it does nothing at all to disturb her.

Her larger brothers turn wild as well
to cope with this little sister from Hell.
When I try to train them with whistle or bribe,
it does nothing at all to curb my wild tribe.

In the end I give up and retreat to my room
leaving the floor mat, my plants and the broom
to be rendered asunder by one tiny pup
who’s developed a creed that she’ll never give up

until every tactic she knows is deployed
to insure every thing in her path is destroyed.
Then she’ll turn on her brothers ten times her size
and pester them ruthlessly with no reprise.

My head I shake slowly. My hands? I throw up,
hoping that one day she’ll surely grow up.
Then I’ll recount fondly when she was a pup!

On the other hand. . . .

Prompts for the day are imp, furtive, impetuous, employ and train whistle. (Traviesa means naughty in Spanish.)

There is a video to post with this but I’m running out of time. I’ll post it later…

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